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Telkom Phenomenal 10 Women

At Saturated, we are excited to announce that one of the Honourees of the Telkom “Phenomenal 10” includes our very own Mamello Mofokeng (28) – Chief Executive Officer at Saturated. Mamello Mofokeng is an entrepreneur, data scientist, and philanthropist. In 2019 she was accepted into AlphaCode Explore, a programme that focuses on financial technology in entrepreneurship, where her business was selected as one of the top 4 businesses to be incubated by the Rand Merchant Investment backed incubation programme.

It’s been 10 years since Telkom called on women to use information & communications technology (ICT) to advance their own empowerment and to venture into key areas of the economy, using technology to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

Since then, Telkom has been committed to champion the growth and empowerment of women in South Africa by introducing the “Phenomenal 10,” an illustrious selection of women from the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector who embody the epitome of women’s potential, transcending adversity to achieve greatness.

In 2023, Telkom is giving a deserved acknowledgement to Phenomenal Women who unlock their power through all things Digital. These women, from different walks of life, were conscientiously selected and recognized as remarkable women who have demonstrated astounding prowess despite everything against them. This year being our inaugural year, we will focus on Women in Tech.

Our CEO, Mamello Mofokeng, was selected as one of the top 10 phenomenal women in ICT by Telkom.
The Phenomenal 10 had a stringent criteria which included the following:
  • Exemplify innovation in digitally enabled industries
  • Exhibit a pioneering or substantial impact in their respective sectors
  • Resonate with diverse consumer interests

“Guided by our brand’s ethos of “Leaving no one behind” in a digitally connected world, it’s essential that we take proactive steps to showcase our profound acknowledgment of the struggles and successes of these remarkable women.  It is also important for us to call on South African women to forge their path in key economic domains, leveraging technology to emerge as entrepreneurs and leaders in their own right” stated Chief Marketing Officer at Telkom, Gugu Mthembu.

“Our commitment to championing the growth and empowerment of women in South Africa has remained steadfast. True to our brand’s philosophy, we’re dedicated to illustrating the tangible outcomes of our devotion by celebrating women who are achieving incredible feats through Telkom Future Makers, Telkom Foundation, and within our very own company, as well as among our customer base. This celebration will embrace women from all walks of life, through a Phenomenal 10 High-Tea, a momentous event to honour these women as the inaugural members of the Phenomenal 10 cohort” Mthembu continued.

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