Ed Tech, Labour Tech, LMS
Leveraging the latest tech to digital skills training and skills transfer efficient and effective.
About Spana

A web progressive SaaS tool which has eCommerce functionality that allows educational institutions, tutors and skills development agencies to sell learning material, courses and educational content. Accompanied by a portal which will entail the gamification of skills transfer and development to enhance the experience of entry level employees and graduates to increase workplace readiness.

The Problem

Learning and development agencies which run SETA accredited programmes in work-integrated learning environments do not have a reliable and data-driven way of verifying, tracking and reporting the progress of learners to ensure the transfer of skills as required by the practical element of their training.

Jobseekers, recent graduates and unemployed youth do not have a go-to place which exists outside of the SETA framework to acquire relevant and in-demand digital skills.

Key USPs

  • AI Tutor & Assistant
  • LMS
  • Reporting