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Mamello Mofokeng is a Krugersdorp born and Vaal raised mover and shaker who is an entrepreneur, data scientist and philanthropist who lives by the mantra: everyday is another day to impact the world positively. Having been raised by parents who were entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial bug bit her when she was studying towards a BSc in Human Physiology and Biochemistry at the University of Free State. She quickly up skilled herself with all things entrepreneurship such as sales, marketing and technology. In 2019, Mamello was accepted into AlphaCode Explore, a data science focused financial technology entrepreneurship programme, where her business selected as a top 4 business to be incubated by Rand Merchant Investment backed incubation programme — AlphaCode Incubate. As Saturated, she is also part of Amazon AWS Activate program and is steadily building a truly African technology company of the future. She is passionate about business, youth advancement, women empowerment, child development, science, wellness and technology. With all that she does, she aims to fuse all her interests to deliver value to the world and most importantly — the people of the world.

Mamello Mofokeng's Skills & Qualifications

Mamello Mofokeng boasts over 18 professional certifications for digital marketing, project management, cloud computing, AML/CFT, tourism, cybersecurity and data science. Mamello is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences in Microbiology with Business Management & at the University of South Africa.